Through years of experience within the Medical Healthcare we know that good support and guidance on technical matters are necessary, essential and often desirable. CS has technical service in high esteem.

Sales activities and technical service are inseparable. Products that are sold by CS, if desired by the customer, have full management of the service organization that delivers a high quality product in close cooperation with the manufacturer.

Our technical service organization is able to repair and maintenance work in our workshop or on site. We also provide advice, training and thought we would bring to customer specific solutions. We also offer support to manufacturers and end users in the form of secondment / third party maintenance.

For Ambu Ltd we partner service and repairs and maintenance both on location and in our own workshop. Since 1 January 2013 we are exclusive service partner for Ambu in the field of Cardiac Care.

Please do not hesitate to ask about the options in the field of maintenance contract. 

For our service to continue we are under agreed and set conditions, 24/7 for urgent technical medical emergencies on phone number +3185-2100525.