An innovation tool in Neurology field, could combine with cNIBP and ICM

Regularly diagnosis for the status of cerebral arteries, auto-regulation, cerebral pressure and brain death.

1. Routine diagnosis applicationApplication Field
Detection and monitoring of vasospasm,
Emboli detection and monitoring of embolic events,
Diagnosis of intracranial stenosis and occlusion,
Evaluation and monitoring of intracranial blood flow during surgical procedures

2. Monitoring application
Cerebral blood status monitoring, Embolus  detection, PFO test and IOM in neurosurgery.
Vascular interventional procedures: monitoring during carotid stent placement or resting balloon occlusion

3. Other application
Combination with cNIBP(continuous non-invasive blood pressure), monitoring the auto-regulation function; Combine with ICM , providing multiple information helping doctors and researchers monitoring the status of patient.

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