The Ambu manikins are realistic in sizewith an exceptionally life like representation of the human anatomyparticularly those features important to training in modern resuscitation techniques.

The Ambu manikins contains a uniquepatented hygienic systemin which all participants own mask and airbag given to the risk of cross infection between students who use the same manikinto a minimum. The hygienic system also features realistic exhalation through the mouth and nose.

The Ambu Man is equipped with a mechanical monitoring instrumentThis instrument displays the results of the volume of ventilation, the chest compression depth in mm, the inflation of the stomach and an incorrect hand position.

The Ambu Man (Wireless) has no cables or wires are neededThis means that the Ambu Man can be placed in a realistic environment, away from computers and other electrical devicesThis has a major influence on the degree of freedom during training and because there are no cables or wires lying aroundthis gives complete freedom for realistic scenarios.

Features of the Ambu manikins include:
  •  Ambu's unique hygienic system
  • The chestis variable stiffness
  • Airway opens only when head is correctly brought back
  • Realistic in lift
  • Lifting mandible is possible (Jawtrust)
  • Carrying also exercise mat

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