Cardio Solutions

Is a young and enthusiastic organization that focuses on innovative and unique products with special focus to specialty Cardiology.

The employees of CS have years of experience in healthcare a good knowledge of the market and are also widely known within the healthcare sector.

Our employees also determine the appearance and content of CS, therefore we dare to say that we are a unique company with a "Cardio Solutions" concept (Sales, Support and Service).

By working closely with the manufacturer or with our famous relationships (e.g. defense, ambulance services, hospitals and private clinics) CS can offer a concept which closely match the needs of the users and patients.

CS has its own service organization to provide the optimum performance after the delivered purchase of your product. We offer certified technicians, and are if required 24 hours available.

Objectives CS: Transparent, reliable, leading to high quality in the banner!

The "Cardio Solutions" concept is also aimed at the other. Besides a successful commercial Cardio Solutions offering quality, having fun with a good solid balance in our personal lives we acknowledge that others are also entitled to experience this.

Therefore CS support projects in order to create better lives for others.